About Me


About Me


A creative soul is what an artist needs to show their passion and imagination. The life that evolves and risks worth taking is what motivates a true artist to show their true talent ~ Sheree B

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Sheree's passion for photography was one that was sown many year's ago. With a penchant for film format camera's and progressing to her first digital camera, it was only after the birth of her son in May 2005, that her lifelong ambition of developing her passion was recognised. It enabled Sheree to capture every development of her newborn baby.

"Without doubt photography has always been a great importance in my life, I love looking back on childhood memories, old photographs of generations past, and my own special wedding. Photography became more profound for me when I had my first child, I wanted to record every aspect of my baby's development as those milestones are so fleeting, it was the only way to freeze those moments in time, and I hope that generations to come will look back on these memories, of which I have captured. To me it has always been about creating my own personal timeline and history, of which are visually captivating".

Through this personal attribute to life, more importantly family life, is truly what motivates Sheree to photograph newborns, babies, toddlers, family; to capture the true meaning of 'life', and to see the emotional bond between children and their families during the sessions is what Sheree knows is a special time to witness, and capture on camera forever.